How to make your ads more attractive for baby boomers

The first thing that you need to realize right off the bat is that baby boomers are much more tech savvy than you would naturally assume; so when you are about to market your products and services targeting this sector It is important that you realize that making inane assumptions about someone just because they are old can result in fewer sales. Advertising your products and services is still one of the most effective ways of reaching out to our key target market. So whether you opt to purchase senior Medicare lists from third-party vendors or not, you will still need to review the tips posted below to make your ads more effective.

  • Do not talk down to them: No senior citizen likes to be treated like a child and even less when they are often corrected by strangers on appropriate behavior or taught basic tasks. It can be downright irritating to be at the other end of a condescending lecture from someone you have never met so you can imagine their reactions when some of the mainstream ads targeting this key demographic tend to do the same. You may want to park your assumptions by the door.

  • Use the right models: It does not make sense to use underage models when the whole point of the ad is to target to baby boomers. They are unlikely to react to the ad if the ad in question showcases young models rather than models in the right median age group. This begs the question, why then do marketers often assume that a pretty young face is enough to sell their products to this key consumer group. Well, that’s a cardinal sin that you may want to avoid when marketing to this target demographic.

  • Market the right products: While you should avoid making assumptions about baby boomers the one thing that you can count on is that this aging population may find little use for skateboards and even less for products that are designed for young teens. As such, you need to research your target demographic, study their consumer trends and find out what they would most likely go for. For example, an ad showcasing hospice care for the elderly may find more traction among the baby boomers than an ad about skateboards and the various accessories that one should purchase when getting a skateboard.

     With these tips, you should be able to develop ads that find more traction among the elderly. This is why it is crucial that you use the tips posted below when you start marketing your products and services to the senior Medicare lists that you sourced from a third party vendor.


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